About us

Megamoment Ltd
Plese 9 a
9000 Murska Sobota

Tax identification number: 46978755

CEO and publication editor: Drago Jakoša

E-mail: megamoment.si@gmail.com
Business meeting: online with prior appointment

Megamoment on LinkedIn: D. Jakoša
Megamoment on Twitter: @dr_jakosa

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Head of the proofreading and translation department at our company: PhD candidate mag. Suzana Jakoša, professor of Slovenian

The company’s seat is at Pomurski tehnološki park in Murska Sobota.

Job applications, job vacancies etc.: We currently have no job vacancies and are not looking for new external partners and interns this month.

Website design and IT business partner: Teramoment